We are a mobile Ice cream / entertainment company.
We host charitable and fundraising events, Birthday Parties
and all kind of fun events. Music, Games, Snow, Bubbles and karaoke.
What ever you want, We got you covered.

Back in 2009 my two sons and I went and got some ice cream for a ice cream shop. As we were eating our ice cream outside an ice cream truck drove by. One of my sons said "ahh shoot, we could of got ice cream from the ice cream man." and then he said "Hey Dad, I know fix up your van into a ice cream van so we can eat ice cream all the time?"

After doing some research I had a talk with them and made decision to make my van into an ice cream van. I told them I wanted to make the best mobile ice cream business ever and they agreed.

Now together we are the Ice Cream Bros.

Every mobile vehicle is hand crafted by us and designed by us and we take pride in our work and serving You as a customer.

Our mission:
Is to make you, Stay Cool & Have Fun.

We like to inspire young and old alike, We tell everyone

"You Can Do anything you put your mind to..

Just stay Foucased and think Postive!"

Dreams do come true!


Any other suggestions are welcome, email us

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